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Selling my e-Bike

Selling your e-bike is hassle-free and transparent with Upway. Learn about our straightforward process, which offers quick valuation and easy transactions for your electric bike.

What is the process of selling my e-bike to Upway?

You can sell your e-bike to Upway in three easy steps!. Please fill out our dedicated form to list the conditions of your bike and receive a quote. We will respond within 1-2 business days! If you are still waiting to hear back, please reach out to o

What kinds of e-bikes can I sell to Upway?

We accept all electric bikes manufactured after 2017. However, we only accept top brands with certified Lithium Ion batteries for both quality and safety reasons. We reserve the right to refuse any electric bikes. Please be sure to accurately describ

My brand isn’t listed on the Sell Your E-Bike page

If your brand is not listed, please send an email to us at [email protected] with the following details:. We will then let you know if we are interested in purchasing your e-bike.

How do I ship my electric bike?

Once you accept our offer you will need to prepare the bike for us to pick it up. Note that Upway covers the shipping costs. You will need to securely pack your bike in a closed cardboard box, in order to protect it during transport. To box the bike

What do I need to include with my e-Bike?

Please include the battery, the charger and the keys. We cannot accept any electric bike without these 3 components. Any additional components such as luggage racks, lights, bells, etc. can be sent with your bike; however, these will not affect our q

Can I sell an electric bike that doesn't work anymore?

We do not accept bikes with cracks or major dents to the frame or fork. For other issues related to the components, please detail them in your description on our form.

Can I sell my electric bike to Upway and get credit at Upway to buy a new one?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer credit from e-bike sales. We will simply issue you a cash payment that can be used towards a new purchase on our website.

What happens if the condition of the bike does not match my description?

If the condition of the bike does not pass our inspection (matches your description), we will contact with you next steps. If the issues are repairable, we will offer an updated purchase price. If the issues are beyond a certain level, we will contac

I’m an e-Bike professional (bike shop, manufacturer, retailer) - how can I partner with Upway?

Please reach out to us at [email protected]! A member of our sourcing team will contact you shortly.