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How do I ship my electric bike?Updated 2 months ago

Step 1: box your bike

Once you accept our offer you will need to prepare the bike for us to pick it up. Note that Upway covers the shipping costs. You will need to securely pack your bike in a closed cardboard box, in order to protect it during transport.

To box the bike you have 3 options:

  1. DIY - you can box it yourself, if you decide to go down this route feel free to take a look at how we do pack them ourselves (here)
  2. Go to your local bike shop - you will have to drop it off there and a fair price would be around $50-$100 (please note that you can ask them to recycle an old box)
  3. You can order a box through us for $60: we have partnered with Bikeflights to provide you a great option at a discounted price, please note that the box will be shipped after you place the order and it will take 2-5 business days to arrive.

Please note, to comply with parcel-mail size regulations, the maximum allowable size for shipping is 165 girth inches. Where girth inches is calculated by Length + (2x width) + (2x height). Our box (option 3) mentioned above is 154 girth inches (62x13x33 inches).

Important: If the size of your box is over these limitations, Upway will be charged a fee by our shipping carrier (around $2,000) that we will have to deduct from your payment.

Step 2: don't forget the accessories

You will also need to assemble the following items in a bag and securely place the bag in the box

  • The battery
  • All keys to the bikes (battery, rear wheel if any, …)
  • The charger
  • Available documents (invoice, manual,...)

Step 3: schedule pickup

Once you have shared with us the pickup address and dimensions of your box we will arrange the shipment and the carrier will show up on the scheduled day to pick up your bike.

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