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How to get your e-Bike ready for Parcel Shipping?Updated 4 months ago

Disassemble the e-Bike

Listen to one of our senior mechanics, Collin, explain how to properly disassemble your e-bike to prepare it for parcel shipping.

Step 1: Removing the Pedals

To disassemble the bike for parcel shipping, the first step is to remove the pedals.

  • Using a pedal wrench or an adjustable wrench, turn each pedal towards the back of the bike. This will be counterclockwise for the right pedal, and clockwise for the left pedal.
  • Once loosened, carefully unscrew and remove both pedals from their respective crank arms. Keep track of any washers or spacers that may be present. Store the pedals securely for transportation or in their original packaging if available.

Step 2: Detaching the Handlebar

Next, detach the handlebar from the bike frame. 

  • Loosen the bolts or screws on the stem clamp, located at the front of the bike where the handlebar inserts. This will allow you to separate the handlebar from the stem.
  • Carefully lift the handlebar away from the stem, ensuring no cables or wires are snagged or damaged in the process. Set the handlebar aside in a safe place for transport or storage.

Step 3: Removing the Fender (if applicable)

If your e-bike is equipped with a fender, it needs to be removed before further disassembly.

  • Locate the bolts or screws securing the fender to the bike frame or fork. Use an appropriate tool to loosen and remove these fasteners, allowing you to detach the fender from the mounting points.
  • Once removed, set the fender aside for transportation or storage, ensuring it is safely stored to prevent damage.

Step 4: Removing the Front Wheel

The final step in disassembling the bike is to remove the front wheel. Position the bike so that the front wheel is easily accessible. 

  • Depending on the type of wheel attachment (quick-release skewer, through-axle, or nut and bolt), proceed to remove the appropriate fasteners securing the wheel to the fork dropouts.
  • Once loosened, carefully lift the front wheel away from the bike frame, ensuring no cables or wires are caught. Set the front wheel aside for transportation or storage, ensuring it is safely stored to prevent damage.

Pack your e-Bike

In this video, Alessandro, the Head of Purchasing for Upway USA, explains how to properly pack your e-bike for parcel shipping. 

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