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What is the process of selling my e-bike to Upway?Updated 5 months ago

You can sell your e-bike to Upway in three easy steps!

1. Submit a request

Please fill out our dedicated form to list the conditions of your bike and receive a quote. We will respond within 1-2 business days! If you are still waiting to hear back, please reach out to our customer support team via the website chat, or [email protected].

Please note that our offers are not open to negotiation.

2. Get your bike to Upway

Your bike (with corresponding keys and charger) will need to be transported to our location in NYC.

Upway will handle transportation of your bike. Typically, this involves sending a shipping label, or possibly sending a driver if you live in a nearby state (NY, NJ, PA). For all other states, it is the seller's responsibility to get your bike packaged securely, with keys, charger, and battery.

Customers typically get their bike boxed at a local bike shop. As an alternative, you can box it on your own, or with a kit such as those from Bikeflights.

Please note, to comply with parcel-mail size regulations, the box must fit the following constraints:

  • The length must be under 108in
  • The length (longest dimension) + 2*(height + width) must total under 165inches

If the size of your box is over these limitations, Upway will be charged a fee by our shipping carrier (around $2,000) that we will have to deduct from your payment.

3. Get paid! 

Once we receive the bike, it will be inspected in 1-3 business days to verify its listed condition. If the condition of the bike corresponds with your description of your electric bike, you will receive the payment via ACH.

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