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What does UL-certified mean?Updated 8 months ago

UL Certification is a safety certification issued by UL Solutions (Underwriting Laboratories), a global safety certification organization. This certification is designed to ensure that electric bicycles meet certain safety standards and comply with relevant regulations. 

UL 2849 is an electrical and fire safety standard that evaluates the battery system, electrical drive train system, and charger system combinations of e-bikes. The ANSI/CAN bi-national consensus standard was developed with input from industry stakeholders like manufacturers, retailers, consumer advocates, and governmental participants. Certification to this standard allows for more streamlined sales in the US and Canada, and UL is generally considered the gold standard for electrical certifications. This is the result of the prolonged and stringent process of rating ANSI products.

The standard covers electric bikes and pedal-assisted electric cycles, focusing on fire safety and the risk of electric shock during charging and other potential electrocution hazards. Electric bicycle manufacturers must undergo rigorous testing by UL engineers to obtain UL Certification; this certification is provided on a per bike model basis.

Implications of the New York UL-Certification Requirement

On March 2, 2023, the New York City Council passed Initiative 663-A to enhance the fire safety of micro-mobility devices, e-bikes, e-scooters and lithium-ion batteries that power these devices. The new law, which went into effect on September 16, 2023, mandates that all e-bikes, e-scooters and light electric vehicle (EV) battery packs sold, leased or distributed in New York City must be UL certified. 

The certification is required to meet safety standards outlined by UL 2849 for e-bike electrical systems, UL 2272 for personal e-mobility devices and UL 2271 for storage batteries. This initiative was launched to combat the increasing safety risks that have accompanied the adoption of electrified forms of transportation, such as fires caused by lithium-ion batteries. New Yorkers can also read more about the recent initiative here.

The UL 2849 standards and subsequent NYC mandate may also have more broad reaching implications. The Committee on Transportation and the Environment in Washington, DC recently approved a piece of legislation (B25-0115) that provides significant rebates for purchases of e-bikes depending on the type of bicycle, and with increasing rebate amounts for low-income residents. E-bikes must meet the UL 2849 standard to be eligible for the rebate.

UL-Certified Brands

At Upway, we carry UL-certified e-bike brands to ensure New York e-bikers comply with the new mandates. All brands carrying UL certified bikes have undergone rigorous testing to ensure their products meet strict safety standards, making them a reliable choice for e-bikers. 

Some top UL-certified bikes we carry include the Benno Boost E 10 D Low Step, an extremely popular cargo bike. The Benno Boost is up for anything and is able to carry more than 3x the load of a typical bike. Flatten hills and shorten distances with the industry-leading Bosch mid-drive electric motor and a powerful battery.

For a more leisurely ride, try the Riese & Müller Roadster Mixte Touring. The Riese & Müller Roadster Mixte Touring is the perfect e-bike for riders who want a comfortable, stylish, and versatile e-bike for everyday use and touring. It's equipped with a powerful Bosch Performance Line motor and a large 625Wh battery, so you can easily get around town or go on long rides without breaking a sweat. It also has a variety of features that make it perfect for everyday use, such as a comfortable riding position, a step-thru frame, and integrated lights.

Many of Upway's offerings are already UL certified and all bike batteries are tested by an experienced team of mechanics to ensure optimal safety and efficacy. You can trust Upway to provide you with a ride that not only offers maximum performance but also enhanced safety.

What Upway is doing

In compliance with New York City regulations, Upway does not offer non-UL 2849 products for sale to residents of New York City. Any attempts to order placed to New York City for non-UL 2849 products will be canceled. It is our desire and commitment to ensure compliance with all local regulations through our website. 

Safety and compliance have always been and will continue to be top of mind at Upway. This extends further than just the UL regulation - we are also close partners of Underwriter Laboratories (UL)Bosch, and People for Bikes on key safety topics regarding both new and used electric bikes. Additionally, all of our mechanics have been trained by Bosch on best practices regarding repair and maintenance of e-bike electrical systems.

Find UL-Certified e-Bikes at Upway

Upway offers a range of high-quality and affordable electric bikes that prioritize safety for riders everywhere. Whether you're a daily commuter or a leisure rider, we have a selection of certified and non-certified bikes that are designed to ensure your safety. 

We have also created a dedicated collection of UL certified e-bikes to help customers navigate their options. Check out Upway’s UL-certified e-bikes today!

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