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MileageUpdated 8 months ago

How is the mileage of an electric bike calculated?

You can typically read the lifetime mileage of a bike on its computer system's odometer, exactly akin to cars. You can usually view this data if it is on the display of the bike by zooming in on the photo of the bike's handlebars (the 7th photo) on a specific bike's webpage on our site.

When the electric bike doesn't have a computer display, we can obtain this information by performing a diagnostic exam with certain software.

Why do some bikes have very low mileage?

The bikes sold by Upway come from both consumer and professional sellers. Many of our bikes were originally overstock from local bike shops; in other cases, the previous owner simply did not use the bike much. Regardless, all bikes at Upway are inspected and reconditioned by our mechanics to the highest degree.

When is a bike's mileage considered high?

The natural reflex is to compare an electric bike to a car, whose condition is easily summed up by its total mileage. However, this comparison is erroneous, as the wear and tear of an electric bike is not directly linked to its use.

The most important component of an electric bike is the battery: in our battery guide, we explain why an electric bike can reach 20,000 miles without any significant deterioration in its range, provided it has been properly maintained.

Thus, even a bike with several hundred miles on its odemeter is still young (given proper maintenance of its battery, particularly in the winter)! 

💡 Did you know? At Upway, all our bikes pass through the hands of our professional mechanics, who carry out a full mechanical and electrical diagnosis. We replace batteries with insufficient capacity (less than 80% of the original capacity) as well as all components susceptible to wear and tear that are not in optimal condition (tires, chain, cables...).

All our bikes also come with a one-year warranty on frame, motor, battery and electrical components.

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