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I want to cancel my orderUpdated a month ago

We understand that people change their minds! 

We kindly request that the cancellation is initiated before 8 AM EST the business day after the purchase is made.

Otherwise, the cancellation will be treated as a standard return, and we must charge the standard return fee ($350).

When an order is placed on Upway, our process is in place to fulfill the order ASAP to get you on your new ride as quickly as possible. Below are the steps that are followed once an order has been placed.

  1. Each morning, the Operations Team collects and organizes the bikes that are scheduled to be shipped that day. 

  2. The Mechanics start their day with a full pre-shipment quality check inspection of each bike 

  3. Once QC is finished, our team of dedicated handlers protects, packages, and boxes each bike. 

  4. Our carrier has been booked and will arrive at 11 AM to load bikes for shipment 

Bikes are loaded and off they go! 

As you can see, there are a lot of steps involved in preparing your bike for shipment. Thus, we must charge a fee and treat your cancelation as a return if it is requested past 8 M EST the business day after your order.

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