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What does Upway’s default 1-year warranty cover?Updated 7 months ago

Upway’s standard, default warranty covers against electric and mechanical failures of the bike (battery, motor, and mechanical defects) for one year after delivery of the bike.

How does it work?

In the case of any defects with your bike, please reach out promptly to Upway's customer support team via our customer support email ([email protected]). We will need your Order ID, a detailed description of the issue, and photos/videos. 

Our team of mechanics will then diagnose the issue remotely. 

  • If the issue is resolvable remotely, they will guide you through the troubleshooting and resolution process via a video call
  • If the issue requires mechanic intervention, we will work with you to find a local bike shop that can help solve the issue. We will cover the invoice in these situations (please make sure to keep the receipt, and inform us ahead of time if the quoted cost is over $500).
  • If there are no local bike shops available, we will either have the bike transported to a different location or our own warehouse for resolution. The bike will then be shipped back free of charge.
  • If the issue is unresolvable, we will then issue you a full refund on your original purchase and help you find an alternative bike

Examples of issues that would be covered:

  • Your charger has stopped working and needs replacement
  • Your battery has stopped working and needs replacement
  • Your motor has stopped working and needs replacement
  • The brakes are on your bike were malfunctioning upon receipt of the bike

Examples of issues that would not be covered:

  • You had an accident with the bike and the electronics no longer work
  • Your bike has a flat tire after riding for a month

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