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How do I understand Upway's pricing?Updated 7 months ago

How are Upway's Prices so Low? Is this a scam?

Upway prides itself on offering the lowest prices on the market for our selected e-bikes! We are able to offer our bikes at these prices due to a few reasons:

  • Many of our bikes are purchased as overstock from different businesses; we are then able to pass on savings directly you!
  • We are not classified as a traditional dealership as other bike shops might be, and thus are able to offer bikes at a wider range of prices than a manufacturer might normally allow
  • Our operational efficiencies

How do I understand the prices on the website?

Each bike on our website has a dedicated product page, on which you can view the specific details of a bike. 

Below, you can see that there is a line for Est. retail price. This represents the MSRP when the bike is sold in new condition from the manufacturer or authorize dealers. These values are checked and verified from the original manufacturer's website when our bikes are uploaded to our website. 

In this case, the $4,099 represents the MSRP of this bike when new. 

Before the current sales promo, this bike was sold at $1,949 on our website. 

And now with the current sale, this bike is further discounted another $150, for a total of $2,000 savings from the original retail price.

There are some instances where the Est. retail price may no longer align with the manufacturer's site, as manufacturers often adjust pricing. If you see something that is incongruous, please let us know via our customer support service (website chat or [email protected])! We'll take a look, and get back to you asap.

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