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How are our e-bikes inspected and refurbished?Updated 7 months ago

Every electric bike in our inventory goes through a rigorous inspection and refurbishment process with our on-site mechanics in our warehouse, ensuring it is in top-notch condition before it reaches your doorstep. We stand by the quality of our e-bikes with our 1-year warranty that covers for any mechanical or electrical failure.

Our certification process follows three main steps:

  1. A 20-point inspection to ensure there is no structural damage to the frame, mechanical components, drive system, or battery. It also allows us to identify the repairs necessary to restore the bike to a like-new condition.
  2. Mechanical and electrical repairs, if necessary. Our mechanics replace any worn parts that are not in ‘like new’ condition (e.g. tires, brakes, cables, chains, ...), change and adjust any mechanical parts that require it, upgrade the e-bike firmware and performs advanced testing on the battery and the motor.
  3. Adjustments, wipe down and final Inspection: our team does the final test ride, ensures perfect braking and shifting and thoroughly clean the e-bike before it gets stored.

You can read more about all the details of our certification process here.

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